A lot of times we have come to realize ourselves that the majority of jobs around are ‘hidden jobs’ market meaning that only 20-30 percent of positions are advertised. As a result, a very small portion of your weekly job search will be dedicated to newspaper ads and internet job boards and the majority spent on identifying potential job prospects with targeted employers in your area of skill or training.

It is difficult to meet with employers face to face as large companies increasingly resort to online applications and human resource software for its ability to identify the most suitable candidates based on the algorithms. While there is often frustration with this seemingly impersonal process the advances in technology have also opened the door for social media to play a role in the recruitment process making target companies and their employees easier to follow and access than ever.

LinkedIn is designed to be the platform dedicated to professionals and businesses other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. may be more readily used by specific industries. These sites make it is possible to follow industry news, employer updates, engage in discussions with like-minded peers worldwide and monitor job postings. A great way to determine what sites are best for you is to view the website of your target employers and see what platforms are most common. Register for an account on LinkedIn and at least one other platform as the information posted will be different on both. View an employer’s social media feeds a minimum of once per week which will allow you to remain current. Sharing, liking, following or retweeting their posts are all ways of engaging with the employer and demonstrating your interest in the field. Monitor the Career section on their website and postings on their LinkedIn page to not only gain access to opportunities that may not be found anywhere else but also to ensure that you are using keywords relevant to the position and industry on your resume and LinkedIn profile.
For decades the most common and authentic way to get a job was through your network and with the power of social media that concept now translates to online relationships. The world around us is changing rapidly, so it is not a surprise that the selection of employment candidates would be impacted by technology. Finding the silver lining in this process is the key to success. When you create a specific social media strategy for your job search the concept of technology based recruitment can clearly have its advantages providing access to previously undiscovered opportunities.

In   clarity, Social media is a great forum for finding out more about organisations prior to interviews,’ this is because the information gathered can be used to come up with insightful questions to demonstrate to the interviewer that a particular employer is a priority for you.  It gives you a sense of the company culture and how you might fit into that.

As well, ‘We use our social media channels to share helpful and informal advice with candidates about all stages of the selection process.’


Author: Temitayo Olojede | Career Advisor | Job mandate | temity@jobmandate.com

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