As social media continues to become a more regular part of everyday communication, questions seem to linger with respect to how formal your social media profiles should look.

A prominent question right now from job seekers, especially those who recently graduated from different higher institutions from different programs, is: Should I include social media links on my resume?

At this point, I will like to make it clear that social media is much more than a fun tool to communicate with friends. Your profiles amount to how you present yourself to everyone, from your future employer to your future billion-dollar business partner.

However the “3C’s” are very important to the job search process. Connect, communicate and collaborate. Finding jobs, connecting, communicating, and collaborating with successful individuals is a rising phenomenon of online professionals. The face of recruitment is changing and hiring managers are the first ones to peep into the social networking profiles in an effort to locate the best candidate.

So the next questions on your mind will be, what profiles/social media should you include on your resume? Here are some of this social media and how it can be of help.


If you will only include one social media link on your resume, make it your LinkedIn profile. Yes, your profile on LinkedIn is essentially a glorified resume that the potential employer already has, but think in a deeper sense about LinkedIn. Do you belong to any professional groups? Do you have any recommendations from current or former co-workers or managers? This would be a great opportunity for potential employers to catch a glimpse of you in a professional setting before the interview. Note: If you haven’t updated your LinkedIn profile in a long time, it wouldn’t be of any benefit to include it on a resume.


This is probably the toughest call to make of all the social media channels. With 1.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook is far and away the most popular social network in the world. Most businesses have a Facebook company page, while a good majority of your friends and co-workers have personal Facebook profiles. If you’re applying for an Internet-related job, a well-designed Facebook profile that properly utilizes the “timeline” format could enhance your chances with a potential employer. Note: however, if you utilize Facebook like the majority of us – for personal interests, catching up with friends, sharing articles and photos – it may be better to leave this link off of your resume. Another way to think about it: If there’s nothing on your Facebook profile that would add professional value to the job for which you’re applying, save yourself the trouble and leave off the link.


When writing a great resume, Twitter is a little bit (in case if). The bottom line is, if you want to include Twitter on your resume, make sure that you don’t just give your twitter name and end it at that. What can be helpful is referencing something specific on your resume in correlation with Twitter under “Additional Experience.”

If you list gardening as a skill, and have a Twitter account on which you post things related to gardening, say so on your resume! This section can also contain blog posts you may have written on the subject, or a related Facebook page you manage. When you include social media on your resume, keep it relevant!




Instagram can lean in either direction, depending on how you use it. If your Instagram is full of selfies of you and your bestie, then it’s best to leave it off of your resume.

However, if you’re a photographer, graphic designer or illustrator — anything in the creative/art industry, really — and you use Instagram to show off your work, then it could be a good idea to include it on your resume.

The bottom line — stay professional! Along with other extracurricular activities you may want to include on your resume!


Author: Temitayo Olojede | Career Advisor | Job mandate |




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